A few words About Us

The school aims at providing a wide range of learning for the harmonious development of personality of each child.Value based education is provided to inculcate fairness physical,mental and moral growth of all the students ,we believe in the unlimited potential of every child.,
Our professionally qualified dedicated teachers create a supportive and challenging school environment.The youthful energies are channelized towards creativity.Each child in motivated to unhold his/her talent and grow to the highest level of efficiency.Our team of teachers at HIPS build healthy self-esteem and social confidence.

At nursery and play room,emphasis is laid on overall development of child through stress free and joyful interaction children are taught with the help of Montessori.Apparatus various other audio visual aids,through different recreational entertainment and knowledgeable games and toys.There are numerous activities to enhance the creativity and adaptability of the students.

To ensure the overall development of the students,emphasis is also laid on outdoor activities, picnic and educational tours are organizes from time to time.
Outdoor activities help in balanced growth of the student making him independent and aware of the outside world.